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1 x Janie's Originals Lucky Dip Dangle Pack - 40g


Product Contents:

40g approx. of mixed fibres and ribbons.

Popular among mixed media crafters and Journal makers, this mixed bag gives you a selection of various fibres such as Sari Silk ribbons, yarns, and a mixture of ribbons.


Cut from Janie’s Fibre collection this bag with give you a great selection of textures and colours. Contents will always vary as this is a ‘lucky dip’ selection, perfect for your book dangles and tassels.


Features and Benefits:

This Mixed bag is a great way to get a wide selection of fibres for your crafty projects. There will be a variety of lengths but you won’t get lots of tiny scraps, most pieces are over 30cm in length.

Lucky Dip Dangle Pack - 40g

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