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Who is Janie's Originals?

Janie's originals is a small family run business set in rural Somerset. Janie started her business producing paintings and finished products. After teaching her art and craft skills across many workshops, Janie's business developed into the design and manufacture of craft kits for others to enjoy.


Alongside her husband Martin, Janie now designs and manufactures a wide range of craft kits, specialising in Book making kits and designer imagery.
It is very important to Janie to be as Environmentally considerate as possible and a high percentage of Janie's Originals kits will contain supplies bought from ex-manufacturing sources, which saves a wide range of items like fabrics from landfill. This also helps keep a unique element to Janie's kits as supplies are always changing and kits are often designed around the products available at the time.
Janie and Martin now produce as much as possible in house and where possible use Uk manufacturing for everything else.

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A little story of a girl that dreamt of being an Artist.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl called Janie, she lived on a Somerset Farm with her small family and spent her entire childhood having adventures in her secluded magical garden, creating crafty chaos through drawing, painting, sewing and making anything her imagination could come up with. Dreaming of one day becoming an Artist, Janie spent every possible hour keeping her hands and imagination busy. After leaving school, Janie went to college to study a BND in Arts and Crafts, after this, working life beckoned and Janie worked in fashion retail for many years, before returning to University at the age of 28. Janie studied both Fine Art and Drawing and Applied arts, gaining an FDA and BA hons. Before studying to teach and graduating with a PGCE PCE. Janie still holds great pride in being the first in her family to graduate university, but the hard work was definitely not over.


Cutting what seemed like an extremely long story short, at the age of 40, Janie made the decision that her working life needed to change as her artistic dream was still alive. After a lot of hard work, tears and some incredibly fortunate chance meetings, Janie has managed to build a business designing and manufacturing craft kits. Still very much influenced by her Somerset surroundings she also takes huge inspiration from museums and of course, beautiful curiosities, keeping her childhood adventures alive.

Janie now runs Janie's originals with husband Martin, he manufactures many elements within kits and forms an integral part in the progression of the business.

Janie enjoys teaching and hosts many workshops, retreats and can even be found teaching on cruise ships from time to time.

Stay tuned as this story still has many chapters to go!

(not yet) The End!

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