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Janie and Martin have come together to bring you some handy Bookbinding tools.

After teaching a great many workshops, Janie decided to bring you some simple tools to help get those professional finishes with ease.

The Bookbinding cradle is perfect to rest your folded signatures in before achieving an accurate pireced hole in the fold.

The cradle is laser cut from 3mm MDF and has one closed end to make levelling up your pages easy.

If your book is wider than the cradle simply turn the pages and pierce from the opposite end of the paper. The size of the cradle is perfect for A5 books or smaller.

The Piercing ruler is the perfect partner to the cradle and allows you to accuately pierce at 1cm intervals. you have both the guide for your signatures and your spine, together with a deckled edge, should you wish to give your page edges  a torn aged effect. Using the included dry wipe marker, simply mark guide lines at the points you wish to pierce and wipe away once finished.

Bookbinding cradle and piercing ruler

PriceFrom £6.99