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Janie’s ‘Animal Antics’ range is a departure from her usual subject matter, still with a natural history inspiration, but this time, its tropical and fun. ‘Zebra’ is a bright and cheerful book kit with mixed colours and a summer vibe. ‘Giraffe’ uses more earthy colours but still has a fun element with a few cheeky Monkeys in the mix.

Suitable for both beginners and more advanced crafters, this Book kit gives you Step by step instructions to guide you through the full construction and stitching, to produce a beautifully crafted hard backed book to be proud of.

A coloured fabric spine and mixed fibres compliment the rich colours in the cover papers and with the additional printed elements you can use your own inspiration to decorate your project.

•Step by step instruction booklet.

•2 x TN construction board 2200micron.

•Full colour cover prints with spine template.

•3 x A4 printed paper/card.

•24 x 20x20cm cartridge paper.

•3 x 20x20cm coloured sugar paper.

•2x Fabric panels

•3 x 30cm sari ribbon.

•3 x 30cm mixed yarn

•1 x bulb pin.

•1 x Bookbinding needle

•2m waxed binding thread.

•Selection of 8 beads.

•3x metal charms

You get full step by step instructions, and with the high-quality bookbinding needle that is included in the kit you can make more books with your own stash if you want.

This is a ‘TN’ book kit which basically means Tall and narrow, or Traveller’s Notebook and is 20x10cm.There are matching digital download kits should you wish to print more images to accompany your kit.

Janie's Originals Animal Antics TN Book Kit