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This Digital download includes 35 images designed by Janie. Taking 19th century illustrations Janie has painstakingly layered images together to create designer images. Botanist Sketchbook is a design range that uses 19th century illustrations mixed with vintage papers and Colourful botanical images, to replicate the collections of an inspiring Botanist in times gone by.

The 35 pages include 2 collaged images, 4 pages of tags and labels,4 pages of encyclopaedia floral images on a cream background, and 24 images of botanical illustrations on a note page background. This kit works perfectly with the corresponding book kit as well as the Vintage Finding range.

Botanist Sketchbook Digital download.

  • Once your order is placed you will recieve a link to download a zip file with all 40 jpeg images. Simply download and extract files* to save on your device and print at your leasure.

    *If using a tablet please ensure you can extract files from a zip file before purchase.

    Once you have your files you are free to print as many as you wish and sell only hand made items.

    Printed items such as mugs and home decor are not permitted at a commercial level without prior written permission. Personal use and gifting is permitted.

    You are not permitted to sell printed copies of Janie's images unless you have made a finished item with them.

    Please do not re-sell or distribute the original jpeg images.

    Please do not make adjustments to Janie's designs unless prior written permission is given.

    Any permissions queries can be emailed to

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